Fast RotSprite - simple rotation for pixel art in runtime.

At first you should realize that pixel art rotation is not a trivial operation. There are no "true" deterministic algorithms. Different algorithms produce different results, but in most cases manual correction is required. Basically there is RotSprite method suggested by Xenowhirl. The main idea is to upscale an image before rotating. And then to apply "guessing" pixel patterns to fix the resulting image. Unfortunately, there is no public specification provided by Xenowhirl. His description may be interpreted ambiguously and requires some "voodoo dancing". Also it should be taken into account that Xenowhirl has developed RotSprite to rotate sprites to 45 degrees for his game. RotSprite performance was no matter.

Thus there was a need in fast and efficient rotation algorithm with the following features:
● it should work fast even on mobile devices (in runtime without FPS drop)
● it should work with large images (taken into account that x3/x8 upscaling is used) ● some quality loss is acceptable (compared to RotSprite)

Refund policy:
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