Set of Cartoon Tanks


Vladimir Tim




8 unique 3D models of tanks in the cartoon style and 16 animations for them. There is also a model of a battle tower and a bunker.

In addition, as an example, the project has scripts to control units. Tanks can move to direct the cannon and shoot, under the control of the player or standalone.

- 8 models of tanks on the subject of WW2.
- 3D models of battle tower and bunker, trees and antitanks blocks.
- Added a new unit aircraft BF-109 from the future set "Set of Cartoon Aircraft"
- Added new unit "Ship" from the future set "Set of Cartoon Ships"
- Added a new texture set.
- The demo scene which includes scripts, sound and game effects.
- For each unit a set of 3 textures.
- Materials and textures are two types of PBR 2048x2048 and Mobile / Bumped Specular 1024x1024.
- 1200 - 1700 tris Good for performance of your games

- Idle 1,2,3
- Move Forward-Back
- Turn Right - Left
- Hit 1,2,3,4,5
- Dead 1,2,3,4

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