The Behemoth Heavy Battle Mech - a finely textured warbot with a choice of five different weapon types, each one set up for either left or right sided mount. This package includes 6 very different themed skins and comes with a FULLY RIGGED RAGDOLL model with a hit point script for when it gets toasted on the battle field.

Also included is a fully working Beam Cannon model which you can use to 'wreck the mech' and check the ragdoll effects. Use this weapon in your own projects!

Behemoth main chassis - 1778 Polygons
Anti Matter Rifle - 673 Polygons
Pulse Cannon - 878 Polygons
Twin HMG - 692 Polygons
Howitzer - 515 Polygons
Rail Gun - 186 Polygons

Includes 6 animations.
Suitable for use on mobile devices

Textures - 2048 x 2048, 1024 x 1024

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