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Easy Vehicle System


Ajogu micheal



version has been updated and all known bugs have been fixed,PRICE REDUCED TO $13.60
This Vehicle controller package supports wild range of Vehicles such as heavy trucks, sport cars,monster truck, tuk tuk, busses so on. It supports racing,simulation so on.with this tool you can Build the vehicle of your choice in minutes

RACE TEST :link1

It uses wheelcollider for collision


like real vehicle it has an ignition with realistic start engine and stop engine stop engine sound

DriveType(four wheel,rear wheel,front wheel)

neutral toggle

It supports full gear transmission

light system(brake light,headlamp, reverse light) also has shader for realistic light emission.

It has two gear shift type (automatic and manual)

Enables user specify the number of gears

Anti roll

Engine mode ( nitro or normal),this also takes effect on Ai


Ai ready

users can specify how Ai use nitro(decisive or immediate)

you can have more than one vehicle in your scene

Ai can detect obstacles

Ai can follow moving target

Ability to select wrapmode type (continuos or once)

Users can set behaviour of Ai(aggressive or gentle)


multiple camera

undo and redo fully functional in editor window and custom inspector

editable center of mass

super realistic drift (power slide)

fuel consumption based on engine capacity

surface detection (wheels will react due to what surface they're on)

realistic engine sound

well organised inspector and editor window

realistic dust trails depending on surface type

realistic skidmark system

burn out effect

mesh deformation

c# scripts

features of update (v1. 5)
-now users can reduce steer angle on high speed
-fixed issue with reverse
-now supports air brake with realistic brake sounds
-optimize surface detection system
-more stability on the Gearshift system
-fixed bugs on the traction control
-EVS can now calculate gearratios based on number of gears specified or just let's you fill in gearratios
-all scripts have been optimized, performance increased on device tested by 15%
-now includes a race scene to show how you can use this in you racing games
-and many more

features of update (v1. 6)

made Ai more flexible
fixed body rotation issue with AI when approaching sharp angle
optimized skid mark mesh generation
made gearshift more realistic
Contact me : mikeyc394@gmail.com

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