This Package Includes:

-2 dragon models
-Dragon1 - 16108tris
-Dragon2 - 16044tris

- 74 Animations
- Uses the Armature as the Root Node
- Look(up, back, left, right, down), Walk, WalkLeft, WalkRight, WalkBack, Run, Jump, JumpUp, JumpDown, JumpBack, Attack(1,2,3,4,5), GetHit(1,2,3), SittinDown, SittingIdle, StandingUp, StandingIdle(1,2), Eating(1,2), Startled, Panting, Roar, LayingDown, Sleeping, WakingUp(1,2,3), Die(1,2), TakeOff(1,2), Landing(1,2), Flying(1,2,3,Left,Right,Back), FlyingIdle(1,2), FlyingAttack(1,2,3), FlyingGetHit(1,2,3), Dive, SpinDive, PickUp(1,2), CarryingSomething, Carrying(Left,Right), Drop(1,2), Fall_Die1(1,2,3), Fall_Die2(1,2,3)

-9 Textures (All 4096x4096)
-6 Diffuse
-1 Occlusion
-1 Normal Map
-1 Emission
- Both Dragons use the same textures. You can easily combine diffuse textures to adjust the dragons skin color and use the emission to change eye color.

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