Micro Demon Daryl





This is low poly micro demon Daryl. He was bored of his job as a paper perforator for the micro devil so he quit to try his luck in the more exciting world of video gaming!

- Pack contains two versions, Mobile (1 drawcall) & Standard (2 drawcalls).
- 662 Tris
- 2048 Texture (easy to downsize as required)

frame 000-009 Bind
frame 010-065 Idle
frame 066-090 Block
frame 091-110 Get Hit Front
frame 111-130 Get Hit Left
frame 131-150 Get Hit Right
frame 151-170 Attack
frame 171-240 Panic
frame 241-276 Die
frame 277-354 Talk
frame 355-417 Laugh
frame 418-517 Searching
frame 518-565 Multi Attack
frame 566-640 Ground Spawn
frame 641-665 Roar

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