Vol. 1 Yggdrasil is the first Icon Pack from the Unity Icon Collective created in collaboration with lead industry artist Johnson Ting. The pack contains a large range of assets, including character models, animations, an environment, music, sound, cinematic camera and timeline, source files, a trailer, and concept art.

This pack is ideal for anyone who wants to bring their work to the next level by creating high-end, AAA quality projects. Compatible with Unity 2018.3 and beyond.

Due to changes in HDRP, this package currently is not supported in 2019.1. We will be updating it in the coming months to add 2019.x compatibility.

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This is an HDRP package.

What is Included:

1. A high fidelity character model with multiple accessories, fully rigged with 40 unique animations
2. More than 250 3D models of environment and props built in a modular way to allow creative freedom and scalability
3. VFX for mood and tone (atmospherics) of sample scene
4. SFX for character animations and ambience of environment
5. Custom composed music that is crafted in audio layers to allow creation of multiple alternate mixes within the editor
6. 3 Limited Edition character variants now included

Our Vision

Buried Memories was born from the idea of revealing unique narrative threads in each volume, that lives under an overarching story of the universe. Each volume carries a unique visual identity and story of its own, which we hope will ignite the creativity and allow our users to create amazing projects from the assets of the packs.

We formed a team of industry professionals that came together to collaborate and build the contents of Volume 1: Yggdrasil - Icon Pack. For this project we collaborated closely with Quixel Megascans, the world’s largest library of scan content, who provided us access to beautiful photogrammetry scanned environment assets from their Lava Field biome to integrate within the scene.

We began with a lot of brainstorming and conceptual work of the overarching story of the universe, and from there we dove deep into the visual and narrative development of Yggdrasil. All of these development materials are included in the pack for you to use as a source of inspiration.

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