4%OFF Spaceships Vol. #13 カテゴリー : 3D/Vehicles/Space

Spaceships Vol. #13





This Original package contains 5 “Spaceships 3D models”.

Updated version, Added scheme colors, weapons, now textures are PBR ready.

Set of 5 Spaceships (FBX models). No animated parts, script or LOD. Included Weapons and modular parts, see previews.

You can buy separately those Spaceships models, please check my Asset Store publisher page CGPitbull. Buying this PACK you save 20%!!!

_Textures included (Tiff):

_4 differents color schemes (see previews for details)

_1-Destroyer GX2 (4096x4096 textures)

_1-Destroyer GX3 (4096x4096 textures)

_1-Destroyer GX4 (4096x4096 textures)

_1-Cruiser GX5 (4096x4096 textures)

_1-Cruiser GX6 (4096x4096 textures)

_Textures included (Tiff):

_20 Diffuse / Albedo maps 4096x4096

_5 Normal maps 4096x4096

_5 Glow (Emission) maps 4096x4096

_5 Roughness maps 4096x4096

_5 Metallic maps 4096x4096

_5 AO maps 4096x4096

_Weapons have 1024x1024 maps.

_Included 4096x4096 PSD files, you can customize colors, remove stripes, add your own logos, remove or add dirts & more.

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