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This Package contains 10 models :
OldSchoolBarstoolBacked (1008 Tris) (954 Verts)
OldSchoolBarstoolNoBack (1008 Tris) (920 Verts)
WoodenSwivelStoolBacked(1388 Tris) (1415 Verts)
WoodenSwivelStoolNoBack(1110Tris) (1115 Verts)
WoodenStoolBacked (848 Tris) (916 Verts)
WoodenSeatBacked (672Tris) (752 Verts)
RoundTable (428Tris) (411 Verts)
SquareTable (312Tris) (303 Verts)
TallRoundTable (428Tris) (411 Verts)
TallSquareTable (312 Tris) (289 Verts)
These models have one normal map,
one metallic smoothness,
and one albedo transparency for each model.
Textures all are 2048x2048.
If you have any questions or need help please send a email.
Thank You! Contact: SimpleModels

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