Decorate your house fully with nextgen high quality interior props.

The package contains:
-162 Objects.
-Polygon count: bench 2839
6.Ceramic objects 10310 extractor 140
1.Oven 628
1.dishwasher 464 machine 3118
1.microwave oven 248
1.fridge 1584 objects 5392 objects2 5038 objects3 4091 stack 3198
1.Induction plaque 20
1.closet 350
4.balustrade 38678
4.drawer furniture 3660
2.beds 21256
14.shelves 10088
9.tables 11062
3.doors 5465
3.chairs 4284
2.sofa 4588
1.carpet 100
6.cabinets 1742
3.cushions 5300
1.curtain 4628
23.electrical object 45513
9.books 220 376
5.wall objects 1172 422
1.toilet mat 1576
1.Bidet 5335 4942
2.bath 14856
2.mirror 106 shelving 208 objects 930
3.teeth cleaning objects 1408
1.toilet paper 1654
2.vater stack 8839
2.Toallas 4584
3.towels 3666
1.toilet 5772
- All materials are PBR Standard
-All images are in TARGA.
-Images resolutions 4096,2048,1024 and 512px
- No animations or scripts attached to drawers/closets.

NOTE: Package does not include the house model, only interior props!

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