Update 1.1 - Vegetation Studio Pro support & more!


Create your own winter sceneries with this collection of over a 140 prefabs at your disposal.
From tall pines, spruces and birches to small saplings, bushes and grasses, fallen trunks, branches and old tree stumps photoscanned with unmatched detail. The pack includes non-winter variants of all trees which makes the models versatile and usable in non-winter scenes. The pack comes with Custom Tree Importer vegetation shaders which results in very realistic tree wind movement, which will make your scene feel alive!


➤ Vegetation Studio Pro support (for Unity 2018.2.11 or newer)

➤ 29 tree models: 7 birches, 8 spruces, 9 pines, 2 generic decidous trees and 3 large bushes with snow and no snow variants, with multiple LOD levels and billboards for final stage

➤ separate tree prefabs optimized for Vegetation Studio Pro with support for indirect instancing and dynamic snow coverage

➤ 27 small ground coverage plants

➤ 17 decor models such as branches, fallen logs sticks, tree stumps with snowy variants

➤ 4 rocks, 7 soil banks, 2 snow mounds

➤ a rustic village set including 4 houses, 2 shacks, barn, smithy, firewood pile, fences

➤ particle effects for snow, smoke and fog

➤ 8 terrain textures with 6 heightmaps for advanced blending and tessellation

Important note:
Custom deferred shaders setup is required. All necessary instructions are included in the pack's read-me file.
Textures calibrated to Linear color space. HDRP/LWRP and WebGL not supported. Screenshots and video are using Unity PostProcessing Stack v2, MadGoat Supersampling Antialiasing and were rendered at 4k resolution. Post-processing results may vary depending on Unity version.

Support: support@triforge.eu

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