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Real Police Audio


M Studios



Real Police audio is built from recording real live streams from police scanners all over the US.

Over 240+ hours of audio

The asset pack comes with three different types of audio:
- Short clips ideal for SFX
- Long unedited clips for background audio
- Long clips with silence removed for quick searching of custom audio

Cities included are:
- Boston
- Chicago
- Cleveland
- Detroit
- LA
- NY - Bronx
- NY Special Ops
- Portland
- San Francisco
- Seattle

Short Clips
The folder Short Clips contains small audio clips from live feeds that can be used for sound effects to create a realistic game. The file names of each are labeled with the key phrase that is contained in the audio clip. Listen to each one as there are a few more words than are described in the actual file name of the clip.

Long Clips
There are long clips broken up in to the various cities that have provided the audio. The cities included are Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, LA, the Bronx in New York, the New York Special Ops team, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle. These files are labeled consistently with feed IDs and dates. In this folder the files that start with the dates are full feeds that have the natural spacing between calls that happened in real life. These clips can be used to keep realistic background audio going through your game.

Silence Removed Clips
In each of the city folders there are the exact same files as the Long Clips except that they have "NoSilence" pre-pended to the filename. This is the same file except that it has all of the silence between calls removed. This is useful if you want to play an audio stream that has zero breaks and is always a dispatcher or someone on the police force speaking. This is also useful if you want to quickly scan through real audio looking for specific phrases or clips to cut out and use elsewhere.

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