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Asia-Pacific Train Station Pack


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Asia-Pacific Train Station Pack , contains a large range of assets, including modular exterior and interior of buildings, props, and a modern high-speed train all assembled in a beautifully crafted sample scene. This package was created by industry veterans to provide you with the highest quality assets, built with great attention to detail and high fidelity.

This pack is ideal for anyone who wants to bring their work to the next level by creating high-end, AAA quality projects. Compatible with Unity 2018.3 and beyond

Due to changes in HDRP, this package currently is not supported in 2019.1. We will be updating it in the coming months to add 2019.x compatibility.

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What is included:

1. More than 180 3D models of modular environment and props, allowing fluid creation of level art and environments
2. Prefabs of each asset to allow full freedom of control to modify them as you please
3. A beautiful sample scene that allows limitless scalability of this theme
4. VFX for mood and tone (atmospherics) in the sample scene

This is an HDRP package.

Our Vision

These urban packs are crafted from a simple vision of providing high quality, game-ready AAA assets for developers to create high quality urban environments while greatly reducing production cost and time.

While these assets are versatile enough to live in any location, real or otherwise, our vision also encompasses the idea of building an urban environment that embodies the unique characteristics of each themed pack, which is clearly reflected in the sample scene provided.

We went through a full production of a location scout, reference shoots, blockout, benchmarking and lots of iteration to bring the packs to the quality bar we are happy with to proceed to final production.

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