Asteroid Field Creator is a light weight design time tool that will create asteroid fields in seconds. Built for Unity 5.6+

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Use a prefab array to place hundreds or thousands of objects in patterns commonly seen as asteroid or wreckage fields. Objects can be randomly scaled and/or rotated. All objects are a child object which makes creating a prefab easy if you need one. The "Undo Last Pass" feature lets you undo previous passes. Customizable buffer zone enforcement ensures no objects overlap or get to close to each other. Customizable gizmos to help you visualize the next pass.

Blobs, rings, ribbons, crescent or whatever your imagination can come up with.

Don't waste time reinventing the wheel or spending hours placing objects. Time is money and Asteroid Field Creator will save you lots of it.

Full source code included.

NOTE: Asteroid Field Creator is a design time tool. It is NOT a runtime procedural generator.

Asteroids used in the video by MARK DION: Asteroids Pack
Skybox used in the video by NIGHTSOUNDGAMES: Starfield Skybox

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