Sofas Vol. 2





18 Scandinavian-style sofas for real-time animations, virtual tours, or virtual reality experiences. In addition, the package includes 9 pillows and textures to combine colors and motifs.

For more information, contact:
Unity Conect
Technical Information:

SM_Sofa_001: 2,783
SM_Sofa_002: 2,981
SM_Sofa_003: 5,185
SM_Sofa_004_A: 1.108
SM_Sofa_004_B: 1.108
SM_Sofa_004_C: 1.108
SM_Sofa_005_A: 2,209
SM_Sofa_005_B: 3.215
SM_Sofa_005_C: 4.221
SM_Sofa_006_A: 2.731
SM_Sofa_006_B: 1,394
SM_Sofa_007_A: 9.468
SM_Sofa_007_B: 7.048
SM_Sofa_007_C: 4.614
SM_Sofa_007_D: 1.278
SM_Sofa_008: 3.005
SM_Sofa_009: 2,817
SM_Sofa_010: 3,803

Scandinavian design
Ready for real-time animation and virtual tours
VR ready (HTC Vive Tested)
Texture Sizes:
PC: 512 to 2048
Collision: Box Collision
Number of Meshes: 26
Number of Materials: 26 Materials
Number of Textures: 53
Supported Development Platforms: All platforms

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