This asset pack contains a assembled scene, man cave themed garage.
The package contains:

Unique assets:
floorx5,wallx4,audio speaker, barbell chair,barbell disc,barbell neck,barbell stand, bencg,box x2,car,car wheel,couch,chair,column,container,container door,cupboard,cupboard door, cupbord shelf,bike handlebars,bike pedals,bike seat,exersise bike,game,minifootball, minifootball player,minifootball stick,pallet,pool ball, pool cue, pool table,pool triangle,roof,stairs,table,toolbox,treadmill,tv, tv stand

47 fbx models
47 prefabs
53 textures in png and tga format up to 4K resolution
53 materials
Every object is prefabbed, pivots are in place, collisions are set up
Fully lit demo scene provided
All objects have two UVs. Mobile ready

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