Well designed tile-based map editor for 2d games.

Demo Video Youtube | Bilibili

Require Unity 2019+

● Features
- Create map, edit map, export prefab from map.
- Create palette item from sprite or prefab. Use multiple sprites to create a random palette item which randomly pick sprite on painting.
- Auto tile will switch between different sprites/prefabs based on the tiles near by. You can create your own strategy in detail panel.
- Maps are managed with hierarchy layout. You can create multiple rooms for a map, and multiple layers for a room.
- Colliders for sprite tiles in exported prefab are optimized. The exported prefab will be made with Unity's built-in stuff, no pollution from this tool in runtime prefabs.

● How to Use
1, Right click in Hierarchy, choose "Olive Map" > "New Map" to create an empty map.
2, Select the gameObject created, click "Edit" button in Inspector to start edit.
3, Drag sprite or prefab into palette in scene view to create a new palette item.
4, Select a palette item, click on map to paint that item. You can paint with rect, line and bucket tool.
5, Click "Done" button on top right of scene view to end edit.
6, Select a map gameObject, click "Export" button in Inspector to create an optimized map for runtime.

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