Get it at this price, all updates, modules are free!

Do you own my old FPS Character Animation Pack? Not to worry, I offer a HUGE discount to you, when you upgrade to this pack!

What Is This?

The Complete Animation Toolbox is an ever expanding collection of animations and complete modules. Modules are bundles of animations to suit a specific game genre. I have many modules / animations planned for future updates, which you get for free in updates! YOU HAVE A VOICE and I want to hear from you so Click here to submit Animation / Module requests. Tell me what you want to see in upcoming updates!

- Over 230 Animations (Much more to come)
- General Locomotion Module
- FPS / 3RD Person Shooter Module
- Transitions
- Root Motion
- Clean / Optimized Mecanim Skeleton
- 60 fps animation
- Avatar with weapon placement (template)

Current Modules:

- General Locomotion - This module, comes with Walking, Running, Jumping, Prone Crawl, Strafing e.t.c

- FPS / 3RD Person Shooter -This module, comes with Single Handed, Dual Handed, AKIMBO animation sets with Aimed & Not Aimed Versions.

You want more animations? What Module do you want next?

Click here to submit Animation / Module requests.

What's coming next?

- Phase Two of animation refinement / polish
- Additional General Locomotion animations

All modules will also receive additional updates and polish over the course of all future updates!

Do you need CUSTOM Art / Animation services?

Click here to check out what services I offer at indie prices! I will make it happen no matter your budget size!

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