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Over 5 years of active development makes this a complete and well tested vehicle simulation framework. Smooth and realistic results. Very flexible, let you achieve arcade style simulations as well as realistic simulations for any type of vehicle. Custom editor windows for fast data acces and edition. Includes PDF documentation . This package also includes support for simulating sea and land vehicles. Or hibrids such as hidroplanes and amphibian vehicles.

Main Features:
* Optimized aerodynamics simulation.
* Optimized hidrodynamics simulation.
* Custom wheel collider and suspension.
* Physics based engine simulation.
* Propeller and transmision systems.
* Fuel system.
* 2d/3d gauges/panel system with examples.
* Example vehicles for Air, Sea and Land.
* Vehicle Editor extension.
* C# source code.
* Active support! Don't buy if woun't mind contacting about package issues or recomendations. The product is on live develoment. Get it today and have updates for lifetime. I apreciate all positive, constructive feedback. contact at

Extra components:
* Custom air drag object. (for landing gears and air brakes)
* Retractil gear system.
* Engine starter system.
* Floodable compartments systems.
* 3d cockpit rigging support. (for control animations)
* Stations system with support for character interaction. (Ride / unride a vehicle).
* Optional ground effect to airfoils.
* Manouver thrusters system for ships.
* Persistent data system.
* Advanced propeller dynamics.
* Replay recorder system.

Your buy supports the framework future development. Get it today and have it for ever.

Developed by Gabriel Campitelli.

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