This low poly model has 1366 tris.

The model is fully articulated with 20 animations:

-Acceleration run (from frame 0 to 23)
-Backward run (from frame 24 to 44)
-Fast run (from frame 45 to 63)
-Mairseille turn (from frame 64 to 108)
-Free kick (from frame 109 to 209)
-Header (from frame 210 to 263)
-Heel lift (from frame 264 to 384)
-Idle (from frame 385 to 465)
-Intercept (from frame 466 to 506)
-Long pass (from frame 507 to 602)
-Overhead kick (from frame 603 to 692)
-Penalty shot (from frame 693 to 778)
-Run (from frame 779 to 807)
-Short pass (from frame 808 to 898)
-Slow run (from frame 899 to 927)
-Stop (from frame 928 to 951)
-Stop ball aerial (from frame 952 to 975)
-Stop ball ground (from frame 976 to 1012)
-Tackle (from frame 1013 to 1066)
-Thrown-in (from frame 1067 to 1195)

Video animations on YouTube:

Animation type: legacy

All textures are 2048x2048 (diffuse).

A low poly brazuca is included(528 tris).

For any doubt or questions, please contact us before purchasing.

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