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Boxer 7631 Tris


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This model of a boxer has 7631 tris.

The model is fully articulated with 33 animations:
-Body guard left and right
-Three kinds of combo
-Dodge front, left and right
-Get punched front, left and right
-Go to guard
-Go to idle
-Head guard left and right
-Hook left and right
-Three kinds of idle
-Jab left and right
-Strafe left and right
-Uppercut left and right
-Walk backward
-Walk forward

Two kind of animation files:
-All animations on single timeline (you can find the text file with specific frames into package).
-Animations clips separated;

Video animations on YouTube

Animation type: Legacy

Textures are from 4096x4096 to 8192x8192. (diffuse, normal and specular map).

Three kinds of team colors: Black, blue, red.

For any doubt or questions, please contact us before purchasing.

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