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Fantasy Loot Pack


Meshtint Studio



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Major update 1.2
New animations + more!

Huge Fantasy Loot Pack is here!!
Textures are all hand painted and 3d meshes are low poly. This pack includes 390 loot props prefabs you need for your fantasy theme game! Chests are animated. Glitters Unity particles are included in some of the loots. Suitable for mobile game too.

27 urns (NEW! Added in v1.2)
10 food baskets (NEW! Added in v1.2)
70 amulets
12 arm guards
6 belts
5 chest armors
14 gloves
6 pants
12 shields
6 shoes
5 shoulder guards
7 sling bags
15 spell books
12 treasure chests
12 coins
6 creature eggs
3 apples
3 breads
6 fishes
1 meat
49 gems
3 keys
2 logs
10 potions
6 pouches
13 rings
24 runes
16 scrolls
4 crystal balls
4 goblets
2 maps
5 arrow packs
5 bows
5 spears
5 swords

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