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This environment package is ideal for your desert missions and adventures on desktop or mobile platforms. It is highly configurable and the assets look perfect from close up making it ideal for first-person games. The Unity terrain blends seamless into a low poly surrounding mesh, which in turn blends seamless into terrain baked onto the skybox to create the feeling of an endless landscape of mountainous dunes. With ancient Baobab tree's, realistic sandstone rocks, desert cacti, ruins, wind pumps and the Kalahari indigenous Acacia tree's; this terrain will immerse your player in an arid landscape with no equal.

Geology: Clastic Sandstone Desert
This arid terrain is the result of wind erosion and subsequent deposition of sand dunes. Huge amounts of sediment from the erosion of an ancient mountain range formed a large delta of sand, pebbles, and small clasts. As this material was buried by more and more sediment it was loosely cemented together into a clastic sandstone. Once again brought to the surface, it readily erodes leaving larger rocks and boulders in place while the sand is carried away by prevailing winds.

A set of 9 rocks and boulders. They have a sandstone feel to them and work well on sandy parts of your scene. They are provided colourless so that you can adapt them perfectly to the tone of your scene.

The textures are in layered PSD's so that you may remove/add/colour the 4 different Rock layers individually. All the rocks are low poly and mobile-ready but with 2048x2048 textures in case you need it. A custom shader tiles a sandy normal map to ensure zero texture distortion even from very close, making these rocks ideal for FPS use.

A set of game ready props modelled to create a desert atmosphere. A Windpump (windmill), reservoir, 3 cacti, a main ruin with 2 additional ruin pieces, an old rotting tree log and an Elephant skull complete with tusks. All props are low poly and mobile-ready with 2048x2048 textures in case you need close up approaches.


The vegetation is endemic to the Kalahari desert with 2 ancient Baobab trees, 3 indigenous Acacia trees, 3 Cacti, 6 types of grass, and 4 types of grassy desert plants.

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