As this is an older kit, I've now dropped its price to a lower amount. This kit may or may not be deprecated at some point this year, as it is much older, and due to some improper texturing and scaling compared to today's standards, I may or may not decide to keep it on the store much longer. This kit may be best used for prototyping, or more simpler games, at this time. Thanks.

New Update V2.2: (See versions tab below for what's new!)
Use Unity 5.5.0 for all content included.

Welcome to my "Castle Creator Kit!" This kit includes a bunch of what you would need to create your own basic Castle Models, Fortifications, Town Walls, etc... All models are easy on the polys, provided you make a Large Scene, you don't have to worry about many draw calls, due to the texture sharing in this package as well! (V 2.1, and 2.2, new prefabs, now with higher quality textures)

This Package Features over 400+ Prefabs (can easily become over 1000+ using any of the 9 shared texture types included! Some are basic/ hand painted, others have been edited for increased qualities, since its original release.).

This is a perfect package for "Top Down," "Mobile," "Defense Games," "RPG's," or anything else that you have in mind. I've made sure to include tons and tons of different walls, towers, gatehouses, many different castle supplies!

FEATURING: (Initial Update)
Dozens and Dozens of Castle Walls, Towers, and Building Platforms.
About a Dozen Crate and Barrel Models, with each crate having x3 different looks.
x1 Brazier, and a few Chains/ Chainlinks; including pre-made Drawbridge Chains.
x2 Gate Fences for Drawbridges, or Gatehouses.
A few Different Variations of Gatehouses.
Dozens of Arches, Archways, Bridges, and Tunnels.
x2 Practice Targets, x4 Rocks for scenery.
A few pre-made Castle Builds, Entrances, and Platforms.
x6 Staircases and Ramps for Castle Walls.
All Walls included have sizes ranging from Large, to Medium, to Small, to Simple.
x5 Hand Painted Brick Textures to use for you ground Terrain!

x4 Siege Weapons (now higher qualities!): Mangonel, Portable Mantlet, Mantlet for castle walls, and a Battering Ram! (The "Mangonel," and "Battering Ram," each have multiple parts attached, to allow you to create your own animations to make them "fire," or "Attack!").

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