As this is an older package, now. There is a chance that I will be possibly deprecating this from the store, some time this year. For now, at least, at this time I've set the price quite low, so that anybody can have easier access to possibly buying this kit, if it still interests them, and if i do not decide to remove this.
Some texture, and scaling of these models do not meet the standards at this time, and perhaps are best used for a more simple approach for games, or prototyping!
Thank you for your support and enjoy!

---Version 1.5: Includes a re-work of new higher quality texture types!---

This is a package dedicated to the full customization of modular builds for temples, dungeons, old ruined scenes, platform games, first person or top -down, and more! Providing you with a full supply of modular pieces, multiple texture types/ looks, Particles, few scripts, hand painted starry night skybox, and more!

Temple Creator Kit brings you a total of: 507 Prefabs, two scripts (rotation, and in-scene portal), one starry night skybox, and 42 particle effects to use for the creation of your games!

This is a mega package provided to you by Aquarius Max: Providing medium - high qualities. Now with particle effects! This package includes three main textures, and two secondary textures of brick styles. With about a dozen different material types.
Main textures include: Earth tones, ancient brick, and normal old brick.
Secondary textures include: Obsidian texturing, and marble brick looks!

Featured prefabs: (Showing in range of order of folders in package! Please note this kit was made with earlier versions, and some object orientations may be slightly different.)
Altars and Doorways: x100 Different types of altars and doorways, including "colored" mesh prefabs, multiple shapes and looks, and some particle and lighting effect prefabs!
x20 Gates, Gateways with Pillars.
x39 Obelisks and Portals: From portal stands, to colored mesh prefabs, to a wide variety of different obelisk types!
x7 Ruined Pillars, and x70 Pillars: Anything from regular pillars, to destroyed, to uniquely crafted, to arches and archways, etc.
x51 Platforms and Walls: Ranging from: Building blocks, platforms big and small - round and square, uniquely crafted, roofs, and bridges!
x13 Stairs and Staircase Models!
x40 Misc Models: Torches, cauldrons, hour glasses, lit Items, chains, chests, etc.
x34 Pottery and Small Objects: Bones, bowls, candles and incense burners - lit or not, scrolls opened or closed, and urns.
x16 Stone and Wood Railings and Scaffolding!
x29 Statue Models:A unique and fully original supply of statues, both regular, and modular! (Dragon, humans, heads, creature-like spiders, eyes, feets, hands, and some attachments to dress your statue models up; from and assortment of wings, horns, and weapons!)
x11 Unique Posts.
x26 Full and Half Built Temple Models, and Entrances!
x28 Traps: Spikes and spike walls, arrow traps, buttons, pressure plates, and webs, all ready to be scripted!
x19 Stone Weapons:Few sword models, a bow, arrows, quivers, halberds, crossed swords, and shields. Also perfect as mentioned above to dress with statue models!

Particle Effects and Types:
- x3 Shuriken Particles: Fire, Ice, and Lightning Bolts.
- x2 sizes of Flames, Fire Wheel, Fire Walls, Reg, Purple, and Gree Flames.
- Smoke, Steam and Steam Walls, and x2 Sizes of Fog.
- Random Enchantment Effects, Magic Effects, or Power-ups.
- Frost Field, Lightning Pad and Doorway, etc.
- Light Rain and Light Snow.
- x2 Pre-Made Portals, Easy to Apply Portal Script, just drag and drop! (All you have to do is just set the start and end points!) (Initial loading may stay loading a bit at first, but after initial loading, all is quite fast for script!)
- x9 Shuriken Projectile Effects: Arrows, Element Arrows, Arrow Rain, and Icy Rain!
A Basic Video Preview is Available for the Particle Effects: The video was made in the early part of Creating this Package, and has been updated a bit:
Particle Preview

Three demo scenes are included in this package with views of dungeon/ temple builds. And Below are two demo scenes (*Created with older versions!*) using a free-roam camera: First demo shows rotation scripts in action, and a simple temple scene "Lost in Time!" The second demo shows about a few dozen models, each textured with one of the three primary textures included in this package: Old brick, ancient brick, and earth toned bricks!
Temple Lost in Time

Primary Textures Display

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