CarbonInput is an advanced input manager that gives you a unified interface to any gamepad on any platform. Supports up to eight gamepads at a time, therefore this package is not only perfect for singleplayer games, but also for multiplayer games.

Most gamepads have different button and axis layouts. If you setup your unity axis to work with an XBox controller, it won't work with a Playstation controller, because they have different axis layouts.
CarbonInput will manage that for you, such that you can access the correct axis directly on any gamepad:
The following command will always get the value of the left x-axis: GamePad.GetAxis(CAxis.LX)

No need to manually setup any Unity axis.

Touch Controls
This package also includes touch controls, like an onscreen thumbstick and buttons, which will behave the same as any real gamepad. You use the same commands as for any real gamepad.

For more informations have a look at the following links:
-Release Post

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