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Major update 1.1
New animations + more!

Price down! 38% less! Original price is 20.90USD

Elemental Sorceress

She is rigged and animated.There are 16 animations in total. Generic Mecanim rig set up. Triangle count is 2768. Textures are hand painted and available in 3 colors.

FX Unity particles are included in this package. They are:

1) Projectile Fire Orb
2) Projectile Ice Orb
3) Projectile Lightning Orb
4) Impact Fire Orb
5) Impact Ice Orb
6) Impact Lightning Orb
7) Fire Hand Aura
8) Ice Hand Aura
9) Lightning Hand Aura

See images and Youtube video for animations and model preview.

- Idle
- Fly Forward
- Fly Backward
- Fly Right
- Fly Left
- Projectile Attack
- Shockwave Attack
- Cast Spell 01
- Cast Spell 02
- Channeling - Start
- Channeling - Loop
- Channeling - End
- Melee Attack
- Defend
- Take damage
- Die

Click here to see more products in our Unity Asset Store.

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