A simple but powerful package designed to make it easy to monitor acceleration and velocity of objects as well as displaying collision normals, trails, trajectories, and other various statistics.

Pretty much every debug tool that can be displayed using this package can be color coded by force/velocity letting you roughly know the values at a glance.

~Custom editor window that you can select and pin GameObjects with RigidBodies to and let the window graph their velocity and acceleration magnitude or for the individual x,y,z axes. The window can also display various statistics on collision and velocity.
~The graphs can also be colored coded by velocity and just hover the mouse over a spot on a graph you want to know the value for to get the exact value.
~Prefabs can be automatically graphed when instantiated.
~Displays collision normals for an object in either world or local (or both) space, scale and color them by impact force.
~Objects can be set to leave a trail that is colored in a gradient based on how fast the object was moving at that point.
~Objects can be set to draw a trajectory prediction that can also be colored based on on how fast the object will be moving when it gets there.
~Plenty of options and variables to customize, complete with tool-tips.
~source code available for modification if necessary and an example scene is provided to show how to use the debug tools.

Note: This tool is not intended for use in an actual game and heavy use of the debug lines and graphs will degrade performance.

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