Mega Shader Set





This is the Mega Shader Set, it is a set of multi-material, mask-based shaders which makes use of an RGB mask to make your models look unique with the aid of detail maps, base maps, dirt controller, water FX, tesselation, mixing and more!

For each model you will require an RGB mask which will be used to channel in each of the detail maps. Mega shader is enabled for PBR type workflows utilizing spec/Gloss in the Mega_detail Shader and Metal-Gloss-AO-Height workflows for the new MEGA_Shaders.

A collection of Textures are supplied to provide as starting points and examples including:
Noise , Rust, Fabric , Oil, Gravel, Cracks and a few others.

To get a feel for what this shader can do, check out the free 'Ultra Shader' also available in the store.

Mega Shader Set are high performance shaders and should be used for small scenes and aimed towards High End Consol and PC.
* Post processing stack (defferred rendering) with AO and Screen Space Reflection added to this pack. Gives nicest results.
Unsuitable for Mobile.

For any questions about this shader contact me:

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