Birch Trees Package





This package contains a set of 8 highly detailed PBS birch trees – each consisting of 2–3 mesh based LODs and a billboard. The trees are manually modeled, carefully optimized, support instancing and only use 2 shared materials.

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The trees were created using CTI whose tree shaders support (deferred) translucent lighting, advanced bending driven by a built in directional wind zone and smooth LOD transitions. Unity's spherical wind zones are supported only on manually placed game objects.
In case you want to see how CTI's tree shaders work in action just grab the free Conifers package.

The trees have been successfully tested with Unity 5.6.3., Unity 2018.2.15 and Vegetation Studio Pro using instanced indirect rendering. A modified shader adaptor is included.
Unity's terrain engine is fully supported.
Deferred shading is compatible with Lux Plus, AFS and ATG and needs you to assign the provided or compatible deferred lighting and reflection shaders.

LOD triangle count
Birch A large: 4200/2400/1500 tris
Birch B thin: 3400/2000/1400 tris
Birch C wide: 5700/3000/2100 tris
Birch D generic: 3300/2100/1400 tris
Birch D crinkled: 4400/2800/1800 tris
Birch E small: 3700/2200/1500 tris
Birch F Sapling: 1900/1000/750 tris
Birch G Sapling: 1600/850 tris

Please note: LOD1 and LOD2 are modeled as LODs in mind so they are not suitable to be used at close distances.

The bark material comes with 2 different texture sets (lower and upper part) at 2K by 4K resolution and contains albedo, smoothness, specular, normal and ambient occlusion.
The leaf material uses 1 texture set and ships at 4K. It contains albedo, alpha, smoothness, specular, normal, ambient occlusion and translucency.

Legacy tree creator trees
The legacy tree creator birches are still included.

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