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Car Parking Kit 2.2





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Note: 3 of the cars in below video is not included in this asset. Only available Ferrari and Hyundai .

This is a complete ready to release game template for mobile and other platforms.

Car Parking Kit 2 is designed to helps you to focus on game design instead of programming or game debugging.Also It is a great game example to learn how to create an optimized mobile game with great features.
Include car customization, menu system and car physics.
I have used very easy ways to create different part of the game. From easy and customizable car customization and upgrade system to easiest way to create level lock system for your games.

If your not experienced in unity or programming, You can easily make your own car parking games in 1 weeks to 1 month. I can make it in 1 day with this amazing kit !!!
Just replace game scene and garage with new one and place your own car model in my pre made car prefab. Then design your own levels formation.

Download Android Demo
Download Windows Demo

Feature in version 2.0 :
- New realistic car physics
- Car customization system(Color,Ring,Spoiler,Mirror)
- Upgrade system for Engine,Brake and speed
- New demo scene with 50 new levels
- Check point system (Multi target parking)
- New GPS used from car flash lights
- 2 new realistic cars (Ferrari and Hyundai)
- New main menu
- Added best time and level stars inside level buttons
- New pause menu design
- Amplify color and image effects integrations in settings menu
- New garage with realistic lightmapping
- Car interior with dashboard view
- Driver's hand model in dashboard view
- Game statistics
- Realistic water shader

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