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Bullet Ballistics


Christian Schott



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With Bullet Ballistics it is very easy to simulate real life like bullet physics in your games.
It is a raycast based system that is able to handle very high bullet velocities without any problems.
On impacts the bullets will interact realisticly.
Depending on different properties like speed, weight or material density, bullets might penetrate the object, get stuck or ricochet.
Even when dealing with several hundred bullets at the same time, you will not run into any performance issues.

Try out the demo.

- material penetration
- bullet drop
- air resistance + wind
- builtin zeroing system
- bullet travel
- custom material behaviours on impact
- damage system
- scope texture generation
- custom editors and inspectors for easy handling

If you have any questions or suggestions for further features contact me at: Mr3D.CS@gmail.com

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