Truck Parking Kit





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This is a most complete parking game template in asset store to helps you easily create your own truck style parking game for any platform.
You can easily create your own parking style game with your city, props, truck models in few days without touching single line of the code.

Complete menu and level management system that's ready to release and has tested by hardcore gamers.

New garage demo with vehicle customizations system with lots of customization items for trucks. You can easily add your own truck models with this customization items:
- Horns with different sound clips
- Roof lights
- Rings
- Front guards
- Body color
- Exhausts

New level system is now multi target system (checkpoints) .Now players can attach his truck to trailer and then going to park place and park his truck.

UnityAds to earn coin when parking is failed to finish.

- 50 pre-built levels - Time limited parking
- Multi target Parking (Checkpoints)
- Customization system
- Vehicle upgrade system (Engine,Brake,Speed)
- Different spawn point for each level
- Multi platform input system (touch and keyboard)
- New pause menu ( Mobile device style)
- Game Statistics billboard
- New more realistic vehicle controller
- Best time and current time
- Star awards
- Optimized to run on low- end devices
- UnityAds integration
- New GPS system with flash light

Tutorials playlist

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