Dynamic C# allows runtime loading of assemblies and C# scripts at runtime making it trivial to add modding support to you game by allowing your users to write C# scripts. In addition, Dynamic C# also allows strict security restrictions to be enforced as specified by the developer meaning that external code can run safely.


Includes a small demo game where you are able to program a tank using C'# to navigate an environment



Compile and run C# scripts at runtime

-Fast execution- once compiled, external scripts run as fast as game scripts

-Allows modding support to be added easily

-Pre-load security checks mean that unsafe code can be identified and discarded

-Support for loading assemblies and C# scripts

-All scripts use custom namespaces to prevent clashing type names

-Support for non-concrete communication using script proxies

-Simple and clean API for accessing types and proxies

-Cached member tables for quick reflection

-Automatic construction of types using the correct method (AddComponent, CreateInstance, new)

-Compresensive .chm documentation of the API for quick and easy reference

-Fully commented C# source code included



-Requires '.Net 2.0' (Cannot run under '.Net 2.0 Subset')

-AOT platforms such as IOS are not supported

-Scripts must be compiled before they can be executed



Support for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Dynamic C# may work on other platforms without issue however we will only offer support for the officially supported platforms.


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