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This is a complete traffic racing package with unique crash style gameplay .Start creating a new style of the traffic racers and get a popular style game with great smooth gameplay.

The gameplay has made based on two popular games called Traffic Racer and Burnout : Revenge (EA Games).

- Bug free smooth gameplay
- multi-platform input (Touch , Keyboard)
- Has been tested in 90% of making time
- Optimized for multi platforms control
- Low-poly realistic models
- 5-6 royalty free car models (I'm bought them for royalty free license)
- Different style of the road prefabs
- Low-poly road side props
- 3 different style of environments
- Easy to use for everyoung
- Make a new game in 1 day
- Easiest way to spawn custom road prefabs
- Make a new road in 1-3 min
- All features are in drag and drop style
- Very enjoyable gameplay
- Vehicle damage system
- Best time and current time
- Time limit and free mode
- 3 different levels
- Car selection sample scene
- Low-end mobile optimized road shader (similar to unity pbr for low end devices)
- Realistic low-poly cars
- Realistic damaged cars
- Realistic particles for mobiles

Ask your questions here:
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