ver 1.3 Update was implemented(The number of sound sources is 144, total playing time is 10 hours or more).
Sound Sample is HERE (Including additional new samples by update)

Loop & Music Vol.2(Chiptune, Electronic, Rhythm) contains Loop music and non-loop music in a variety of Chiptune, Electronic, Rhythm genres that make your work more gorgeous and wonderful. And This asset will be useful for various scenes and various works.

This asset(version 1.3) contains 73 loops ,50 music & 21 remixes(144 sound sources, file format is mp3/320kbps).

This asset will increase the loop and music greatly due to the regular update in the future.
And, of course, adding sound sources(loops & music) by future updates is free for purchasers of this asset.

==** File Organization **==
[Sound Sources]
- Loop Chiptune 001-030(30 Loops)
- Loop Electronic 001-031(31 Loops)
- Loop Rhythm 001-012(12 Loops)
- Music Chiptune 001-020(20 music)
- Music Electronic 001-025(25 music)
- Music Rhythm 001-005(5 music)
- Loop Chiptune Remixes(2 Loops)
- Loop Electronic Remixes(1 Loop)
- Music Chiptune Remixes(1 Loop)
- Music Electronic Remixes(17 Loops)

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I hope our asset that I make contributes to your creation works.

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