Omol is a predator that pounces on it's prey and kills it with cruel attacks. As a predator, Omol is extremely hostile and defensive in it's current environment and reacts quickly to any sense of threat.
This creature prefers dark and moist hidden areas such as caves and dungeons because it's ability to lurk on the ceilings and walls in case the need to ambush any threat. Although it prefers caves and dungeons, it can still survive in any environment.


Character has 3 sets of textures, choose the most suitable texture for your game.

And thanks to a small number of polygons, you can safely use this creatures in mobile games as well.

Low-Poly: 1400 tris
All textures are 2048x2048 png
Rigged: Yes.
Animation types (in place)

-Attack 1,2,3,4
-Get damage front1
-Get damage front2
-Get damage left
-Get damage right
-Get damage back
-dead 1,2,3,4


The package also includes the demoscene which demonstrates the animation of the character.

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