This pack contains:

3D Bear Model:
HP - 8389 tris
LP - 4436 tris

7 Textures (2048x2048.PNG):
(2)Zombie Decals
2 Normal Maps (2048x2048.PNG)

56 Animations

3D Salmon Model:
HP - 2802 tris
LP - 1266 tris

2 Textures (1024x1024.PNG):
Bloody Salmon
1 Normal Map (1024x1024.PNG)

6 Animations

3D Saddle Model:
1934 - tris

1 Texture (2048x2048.PNG)
1 Normal Map (2048x2048.PNG)

3D Bear Head Mount:
Bear Head - 3017 tris
Textures: Uses the Bear Model textures

Plaque - 260 tris
1 Texture (398x265.PNG)

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