This script allows you to easily create seamless portals in your games.
This is great for creating more fluid gameplay as well as making your game look cool.

There is minimal setup required to get the portals working but there are configurable settings for a more versatile system.
It is possible to have these portals work with VR setups however you will need to have two separate portal GameObjects in the same place, one configured and visible to each eye, for the full effect. Some slight code tweaks may also be necessary.

You can apply a mask and background texture to your portals if you would like to overlay an effect, such as a border or window panel effect
On top of this you can disable teleporting for the portals so that they are just 'windows' into the other world that cannot be walked through.
The portals can be configured to teleport:
-The player camera
-The player camera's parent
-An arbitrary GameObject which can be used as reference for more complex player controllers
for more info on this, check the documentation

As well as the documentation, you can hover over any of the settings in the configuration panel and a tooltip will give you a short description of what that setting is for.

For examples of how this tool can be used, check out the included screenshots and video.

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